Milan / Lake Como – Other People

From Milan (Italy) we headed north to Lake Como for a hiking day trip. When we arrived in the small town of Como, we were overwhelmed by the huge amount of other tourists. Mid-January seemed to be an odd time for high season. Anyway, I took this incident as a source of inspiration for a … Continue reading Milan / Lake Como – Other People

Napoli – The Case For Best Cases

You aren’t quite sure what this article is about, so why bother reading it? At worst you spend ten minutes of your life reading things that don’t much lighten up your world. But think about the best case for a second. Might this article cause you to instantly change that which you proudly call your … Continue reading Napoli – The Case For Best Cases

Inspiration From Five World Travellers

How did we get inspired to travel? Whose videos did we watch in the middle of the night in search of new motivation? Long before we started our world trip, we daydreamed of what we are doing now, and it suddenly dawned on us that “We are going to go on a world trip one … Continue reading Inspiration From Five World Travellers

South Italy – The True Meaning of “Accommodation”

We are towards the end of our three week stay in the picturesque hills of the Italian state of Calabria. Our home and workplace is a small eco-village near Catanzaro, the state capital. After waking up, we hear nothing but the calming sounds of nature, and we fully enjoy this as a break from our … Continue reading South Italy – The True Meaning of “Accommodation”