Our Journey Begins

I recently had a doctor’s appointment, and my doctor – trying to remember our last conversation – asked me: “You aren’t going on a journey, are you?” I said: “Sir, aren’t we all on a journey?” He just laughed and said “Yes.”

It almost seems unreal that our trip finally starts. All the months of work and preparation have lead me to believe that there is nothing more but work and preparation. But as Amy MacDonald sings:

“What’s going on today
I think there’s something more, something more”

(song: Footballer’s Wife, album: This Is The Life)

These moments in which you feel like reality becomes distorted are the moments that move you to a new level of thinking. Some call it hypnosis, others call it learning. After all, this is the main reason why we’re taking the trip – in order to learn.
Sometimes, especially today, I catch myself finding reasons why it would be a much better idea to just stay where I am right now. But since I know that finding reasons against something produces nothing but an “against-mindset” (see our article Why To Explore The World), I go on to search reasons why I want to venture out and let myself be captivated by foreign cultures and beliefs. It’s not like they are completely foreign to me; rather, they are a part of me that I haven’t yet come to know. In other words, where I explore my outside, there I explore my inside.

“You didn’t come into this world. You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean. You are not a stranger here.”

(Alan W. Watts (1973): Cloud-hidden, whereabouts unkown)

The whole way lies ahead of us. Today, we will fly to Moscow, and tonight we will hop on the Trans-Siberian Railway which will bring us to Novosibirsk. Russia, we are coming!

All the best changes,
Jan & Gratsi

P.S.: Check out our route map to see where we are!

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